Coster Technologies Corporation is a cutting-edge technology company, specializing in unique hardware and software solutions that ease pain points for creatives and industry professionals in the media, entertainment, medical, and technology industries. Focused on creating better ways to do business, CTC simplifies and transforms complex, workflow challenges into streamlined, lifestyle solutions that offer greater time, cost, and performance efficiencies.


Its first offering, TOMMITotal Online Media Management Interface, is an intuitive hardware and software solution for creatives in entertainment and beyond to collaborate with others and manage their data simply and securely.


CTC's Founder, Tommy Coster and team members, Jay Goodwin and Priscilla Pesci, have over 40 years of collective, award-winning experience in the music, film / TV, and technology industries.



We are committed to discovering innovative ways to create and leverage technology to offer our clients exceptional products that make every day work life far more simple and enjoyable - saving on time, headaches, and overall resources. We value quality, simplicity and believe that time is a precious, limited commodity. 


We consistently focus our creative lens on the future to generate opportunity - with an eye for helping create that future through new solutions and ways to manage projects to get things done - faster, securely, more efficiently, and with peace of mind.



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