Priscilla Pesci


As Chief Marketing Officer of MGM Worldwide Television Group, she contributed, developed, and launched billion-dollar franchises such as Legally Blonde, James Bond, Pink Panther, and Stargate.

As CEO of her own company and Senior Franchise and Digital Media Specialist at MGM, Priscilla pioneered and packaged strategic, online ad-revenue partnerships amongst major recording labels, film studios and blue-chip brands with multiple revenue streams.

She has been credited with creating the first social networking community for a television series and franchise, while also initiating one of the first branded-achievement, integrated e-commerce systems, with hundreds of thousands of fans - worldwide.

A key stakeholder in several tech / entertainment start-ups, Priscilla also packages film financing - develops, produces, licenses and distributes original film and television productions, featuring A-list celebrities, directors, and producers.

She attended Boston College and the University of San Francisco, where she designed her own major in foreign languages and comparative literature, with a minor in Philosophy.

Priscilla is a Board Member of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Committee Member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Television with a Conscience, Board Advisor to The Blank Theatre, and Advisor for Public Works, Inc., a non-profit committed to the betterment of education, through research, tutoring and the education of high-risk young adults.