Total Online Media Management Interface


What's a TOMMI Box?

TOMMI is an intuitive hardware & software solution for creatives and industry professionals to collaborate and manage their data with security & ease. 

Product in Development, Launching Q1, 2018.

Revolutionizes work flow and data management, including content sharing, storing, and cataloguing.

Offers a solution that fits the lifestyle of Entertainment Professionals & Prosumers.


  • 4 Drives with Unique ID’s for Security & Tracking
  • Exportable Data for Collaborations
  • High-Speed Data Transfer
  • Automatic Back-Ups & Redundancy
  • Integrates With Any Workstation
  • Fully Accessible, Locally or Remotely

How it Works

  • Register TOMMI
  • Identify Collaborators
  • Create & Collaborate

TOMMI To TOMMI Communication

  • Revolutionary Ability to Manage Complex Data – Needed for Intensive Projects & Collaborations
  • Collaborate with Flexible Connectivity, Capacity, Speed, & Customizable Security
  • Offer Remote Synchronization to Overcome Differing Workstations
  • Provide Controlled Access to Data
TOMMI BOX MockupV4.png